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Gareth ...Present

OK so for those of you who have never seen The Flight of The Conchords you are probably wondering what the title to this blog means (and you've missed out on one of the funniest series ever made).

Basically we have a new Potting Shedder. Gareth Rowson comes to us all the way from New Zealand (although he's been on the Island a few years already.)

We've been aware of Gareth's fantastic work for some time now and when he came to see us to say he was interested in working with the Shed we were stoked to offer him the gig.

Gareth joins us as a Senior Designer and brings with him over a decades experience in design and branding from all over the world. He also joins us just as the Rugby World Cup kicks off in NZ and in all probability his home nation will stomp all over the rest of us, unless they come up against France and choke again of course!

Welcome to The Potting Shed mate, it's a better place for having you on board.

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