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The Potting Shed was approached by Cenkos, one of our clients, to decorate the donkey that they were sponsoring in the GALP Donkey Parade.

The brief was simply to come up with a design that spoke of both the issue of adult literacy as well as the business sector.

The solution?

…around 5000 recycled computer keyboard keys, 10 tubes of silica gel, and a lot of man-hours.

The process

Involved burning the “foot” off the back of every single key with a soldering iron so they could be glued flat onto the mapped out donkey one at a time.

The result Dick the Don-Key, he nearly killed us but he was worth every effort. We look forward to seeing him in his new home in The Market Square.

The concept of The Donkey Parade is based on other parades which have been held around the world such as Cow Parades, Pig Parades and, last year in London, the Elephant Parade.

Forty, life-size, fibre-glass donkeys arrived in Guernsey in early April and were handed over to local artists, designers and community groups to decorate them. At the start of July they will go ‘on parade’ at locations around the island. They will remain in their positions until mid-September when they will be auctioned, all proceeds going to GALP (Guernsey Adult Literacy Project)

A huge thank you to Jamie Spaul from Airedale Computer Recycling who, without any fuss, supplied us with 1,000s of recycled computer keys absolutely free of charge! Not only did they supply them but they arrived already popped out of their boards so that was a great help.

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