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Diamond Geezers

Masters gemologists, Paul and Danny Gallienne approached us to help them design a brand and site to help them with their new venture Offshore Diamonds which provides an expert and tailored service in the purchase of these rare gems.

The client can choose by weight, cut, clarity colour and price and they can securely ship the product to any destination.

What sets Offshore Diamonds apart from their competitors is that the buyer is always dealing directly with a true expert in the field who not only understands the raw material but also all the stages that gem must go through to reach it's final setting.

Above all a sense at craft was at the heart of our design for them and putting Paul and Danny at the forefront of the website by having them answer questions in online videos rather than using large sections of copy gives the viewer a real sense of who they will be dealing with and the depth of their understanding.

Author Potting Shed