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Creatives never stop!

Creatives never stop! We love our homework, moonlighting, whatever you wish to call it. Creating is part of everything we do and even when the studio doors close we just can't help ourselves!

We're a studio of problem solvers, illustrators, team workers, musicians, makers, movers and thinkers. We thoroughly believe that the passions of our lives feed the heart of our workplace.

Our Creative Director Luke Vidamour is also a signed musician who works alongside his brother-in-law Oliver Smith as electronic pop artist "WITHOUT".

After their last single "Wanta Be" gained one million plus streams and became the most Shazamed track in the UK after featuring on Pretty Little Thing's "Love on The West Coast" television ad, the duo have recently released the follow-up single "Love Liike This" featuring Swedish vocalist "Essie".

"Love Liike This" has already clocked 250,000 streams and was included in several "Best of 2017" lists by both Spotify and Apple Music.

Luke's audio skills allow us to offer bespoke sound design and music for client content and advertising, his most recent commerical work being a collaboration with our Jersey workspace sharer Rebecca Coley for her feature length surfing Documentary "Changing Point".

Extracurricular creativity feeds our studio with new skills and ideas that inevitably find their way into great work for our clients.

It's easy when you love what you do.

Author Potting Shed