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Birth of a Brand

The Guernsey Event Company are putting on a show. A Child and Baby show in November this year to be precise. A first for Guernsey, the Show targets the young family market of the Island and will be held at good old Beausie.

The Guernsey Child & Baby Exhibition will bring together all that is relevant to raising a family in the island today. Designed for the 0 to 11 year old market, the show features child and baby products, sports, activities, education and childcare.

The Guernsey Event Company approached us to conceive the brand and develop it throughout all aspects of the promotional material / website and display graphics. Playfulness, education, vibrancy and aspiration drove the creative thrust of this brand.

With 10 Potting Shed sprogs (and one more on the way!) our mind sets were appropriately adjusted for this project.


Author Potting Shed