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We have a new website that I'm really excited to share with you!

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Which reminds me...

As a teenager, I worked in a brasserie whose head chef had very high standards. A gifted mind for menu creation, an excellent knowledge of ingredients, a deep understanding of flavour and a keen eye for presentation.

The guy was talented and passionate about food, but every day on the way home from work he would collect his supper from the "Rib-Shack" (an infamous local late-night regret).

I hear your sighs, something about that doesn't line up.

What would we say if we saw Gordan Ramsey calmly ordering a large Big Mac® meal, 3 chicken nuggets and a Creme Egg Mcflurry, he smiles as he recieves the wrong change, taps the cashier on the shoulder and compliments him on his choice of tie.

In reality we'd say nothing, but our inner hero would politley push through the line in an orderly fashion and then say "What the !@£# are you playing at Ramsey, get in there and ruffle some feathers! It's what you do, don't stop now you potty-mouthed coward!"

Some of the best accountant's struggle to stay out of their overdraft, some doctors smoke 40 "Silk Cut Red's" a day, some gardeners don't even own a lawn mower (guilty as charged, I did work gardening for a year after I left university and I still steal my fathers mower).

It's hypocritical but it's not uncommon, We're familiar with the cliché "Do as I say not as I do".

I found this article particularly interesting on The Atlantic called "The Hypocrisy of Professional Ethicists"

My favorite quote from the article is

compared with other philosophy texts, “contemporary ethics books of the sort likely to be borrowed mainly by professors and advanced students of philosophy” were roughly 50 percent more likely to be permanently missing.

Hard hitting journalism that reminds us we're all just as bad as each other, great stuff.

So what does this mean for us?

We firmly believe that good design can add value to our clients businesses, we strive to find better and more beautiful ways. We take good ideas seriously, and we also understand that until a good idea is executed it's nothing more than... well, a good idea.

A year ago we launched a brand new digital team because we wanted a more hands on approach to website development, more recently we had a good idea to re-design our website from the ground up and today we are releasing that digital kitten into the pixelated meadows of the internet.

As always for The Potting Shed, the whole thing started with beautiful design and it was brought to life by our genius development team. It's one of the best websites we've ever made.

We practise what we preach, we say as we do and we cook some of our best meals in our own kitchens.

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