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Affinity Online

There seems to be a particular form and function to which corporate websites adhere to.

When Affinity asked us not to look at those but rather focus on fashion / design and architectural online examples suddenly round the studio all that could be heard was...

I haven't got much work on I could take that on...

yeah me too...

I haven't designed a website in ages.

And here, we are proud to say, is the resulting site:

Their icon is hero and all information can be found neatly and uniformly typeset round the icon as if acting like an information compass for viewers as it smoothly glides around the copy. It is punchy and to the point cutting through unnecessary information and giving readers an interesting, inquisitive and enjoyable usability without over convolutional functionality.

Thanks again to Affinity for once again pushing our creativity in another medium with the help of James Aitchison of Infuse Internet in Jersey who coded this challenging site.

Author Potting Shed