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A Site of Excellence

Jersey Arts Centre commissioned us to design and build their new website a few months back and here is the result.

We are very proud of this development with Tom Hacquoil and the team from Infuse internet. What's on and when was the leading message from the brief whilst letting the events sell themselves with confident lead imagery and succinct synopses.

The home page organising logic invites users to intuitively select a month or a genre of event with one click to fluidly visualise the JAC's schedule.

The slick movement, clarity of information and ease of booking provides an intriguing user experience whilst staying out of the way of the high calibre performances and activities that sell themselves. The guys at JAC totally embraced this format which echoes the simplicity of their 4 month information brochures. JAC have been joy to work with and we wish them all the luck as one of the Channel Islands most forwards thinking artistic entities.

Right now go and get your creative fix and book some tickets.

Author Potting Shed