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A Sight for Sore Eyes

The new owners of Larbelestier Opticians, Afshan Ansari and Amar Bahra contacted us a while back about rebranding their business. The aim was to move from the somewhat dated and traditional feel of the old brand towards a more forward facing and clinical direction.

This brand is all about focus, clarity and colour. The colours found in the cornea are referenced, whilst being allowed to breathe in plenty of white space the multitude of colours in the brand keep the marque vibrant and allow it to avoid the feeling of being too cold. Once again there is scope here to play with the spectral range of the icon in the future, taking on different hues and segment widths / combinations to create sub-brands or artwork for interiors / brochure ware.

There's more to come from the team at Larbelestier in the future and we look forward to showing you that soon.

Author Potting Shed