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A Joint Effort

TPS were chosen to develop the brand for a new medical product developed by Oliver Hutcheon and his business partner Ranjan Vhadra. It is called Osteoplan and provides a a four-part treatment program for joint pain. As it's endorsed by a surgeon the brand had to marry health with medical authenticity. After researching the structure of bones we came across this fantastic shape in Osteons which are fundamental in joint and bone strength. We based the icon on this shape whilst including four "jointed" circles to represent the four parts of the plan. The multi-colours present a vibrant and healthy image against the stark white backdrop, whilst conveying a sense of strength and flow through the gradients. The rhythm of the circles rolls into the O of the typography and provides the entire logo with a comprehensive set of design tools to roll out the brand into other areas. All finished off with a clinical, highly legible logotype and muted secondary colours to let the colourful icon sing. Visit the website here:

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