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A Choir Love

Any design studio will tell you they dread the run in to Christmas, workwise, as they are asked for new Christmas card/gift ideas by all their clients, however what we dread more than anything is coming up with our own Christmas gift to send out to clients and friends.

The ghosts of Potting Shed - Christmas-presents-past include bespoke handmade chocolates, laser etched wine bottles, hand knitted hot water bottles and Bonsai Trees so what on earth were we going to do this year in a desperate attempt to raise the bar?

The idea stemmed from a pub conversation where we discussed how we wanted a personal message for each of our clients and that we'd love to send a choir around to each one in turn. But that could be potentially embarrassing for the recipient, there was no guarantee that they'd be at their desks when the carol singers came around and our overseas clients would be excluded entirely.

The Solution, get the choir into our studio and record them performing our version of Silent Night nearly 200 times before sending out cards directing the recipients to their personalised landing page via a bespoke URL. It was a mission but we think it was worth it.

We'd like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Bel Canto for all their talent and infinite patience in performing the song over and over and over and over (x200) again. Also a big shout out goes to G and Sammy who had the unenviable task of editing all the footage together.

Oh by the way we've also coded the vids so that if you add your own suffix to the end of (using a hyphen to separate the first and second names) your own landing page will be generated and if the name happens to have been one of the ones recorded the choir will even sing the name (if not a generic message will play).

Merry Christmas Everyone


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