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Winslow Brew Co.

Impeccable Character

Super client Winslow Brew Co. have recently released their latest amber offering Sahib and once more the creation of the brand fell to TPS. Sahib is a White Indian Pale Ale with an impeccable character.

So with that information at the heart of the brief we set about designing a label with a slightly colonial tone, personifying the character of an English gentleman in the SubContinent, a relic of old empire with pith helmet, monocle and elephants to boot! Rather than mire this concept in overly ornate cliche, the labels were kept clean and pure, using mono-lined illustrations and a rich, warm palette. The brand stands alone but also nestles into the stable of beer brands we have been building for Winslow over the last few years and we VERY much look forward to the next one.

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