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Potting Shed

Tea & Toast Exhibition

Thanks to all those that attended Space10 to see our work. For those that missed it, have a sift through all the photos and read more about how it all transpired.

A recent hire of ours, RJ Allen, can not stem the tide of his creativity. So much so it transpired he was building a substantial body of illustrative work outside of the office in pursuit of someday exhibiting his terrifying mind to the public.

Meanwhile, over the past few years, The Potting Shed have been pushing their own rolling brief to learn new skills and had created a set of posters that encapsulate a statement of belief that is at our core - 'We grow ideas.'

When RJ pitched to us the extent of his exhibition, we leaped at the chance to join forces and expand the event over two floors to show off our collective creativity. The name, 'Tea & Toast' is simply reflective of the work involved. Tea (Digital - clean) & Toast (Physical work).

Upstairs RJ ran a seven metre banner to split the the room with political satirical caricatures, the other side a children's book, 'Grub from across the globe'. Exploring cultures and countries through food and stereotypes, each page is translated into the respective country being represented.

A plethora of monster postcards, cityscapes and faces also donned the walls.

Downstairs we had a collection of the more tactile work in our portfolio, from booze to books. Hung around the room were 19 posters from our various creatives, showcasing everything from 3d modelling to paper cut typography. These posters were born out of an innate drive to create beautiful stuff, whilst developing our skill set for it. Each one reflects  individual tastes, styles and struggles that emerge from the designer and client being one and the same.

From many hours of graft came equal measures of satisfaction. 

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