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Highland Titles

Taking the high road

Highland Titles Charitable Trust for Scotland came to us with a project in mind, to show off the contents of their presentation box when you purchase a plot. After some design dissection, it was clear the project was bigger than first thought. So began phase one, to give Highland Titles collateral the design elevation a newly appointed Laird, Lord or Lady deserves from the outset.

With conservation of natural beauty at the heart of the trust, the use of stunning imagery became the focus of a handbook that walks you through what your new title encompasses. The combination of renown landscapes and intriguing facts supports both the romantic and informative nature of the piece, combining  French and German translations within the same document in a way that doesn't distract from the aesthetic.

Certificates and deeds retain an authoritative tone in their design and production while the use of gold foils provide a tactile value to tour tickets and presentation boxes which the owner receives in the post.

An intricately crafted tartan was illustrated and photoshopped to produce a hyper real look, used as a graphic device to harmonise the various pieces as one, it further enhances a sense of history and culture to the products and services.

Now when you buy a slice of Scotland, your prestigious set of highland documents set you on the high road to supporting wild life and their natural habitat.

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