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Guernsey Post

Grin and bear it

For any cartoon to endure for 100 years and still remain in our collective cultural vernacular is pretty incredible and this year marks the 100th anniversary of a little white bear in bright yellow trousers.

Guernsey Post came to us with a wealth of visual reference material from Rupert's 100 year reign and asked us to create a new issue of stamps to celebrate Rupert's landmark. The covers of the Rupert the bear annuals were an absolute joy to flick through and see the subtle shifts in style that Rupert and his chums have gone through. We pared the images back to the cleanest of images of the key characters in the stories and made that wonderful vivid yellow the hero so that they could all sit in the same space without the beautiful but distracting background that adorn the many annuals. Bold, bright and fun... just like Rupert.

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