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Guernsey Post

The Royal British Legion

Stamp sets are a consistent brief that filters into the Potting Shed studio. A paradoxical piece of work as whilst the vehicle for design (a stamp) seems somewhat throwaway; the theme always holds such prestige, seriousness and importance.

This time round - the theme was the 100th anniversary and celebration of The Royal British Legion. The RBL is an amazing British institution and charity that provides financial, social and emotional support to members and veterans of the British Armed Forces and their families. 

We were delighted to undertake the project after being approached by Guernsey Post. Our solution was simplistic - utilising the poppy wreath throughout. By centring the flower in an issue incorporating 4 stamps - it meant each stamp held a quarter of the overall poppy. Carefully layered black & white imagery referencing each area of the British Forces (Land, Air and Sea) were position to build a narrative and story into the overall piece, and to each stamp when isolated. 

Whilst previous projects pay respect to the incredible men and women who fought for our freedom... we are very proud to celebrate those who dedicate their time to supporting those same heroes when they return home.

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