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GTA University Centre

GTA Social Media Marketing

At the beginning of 2020, the GTA University Centre approached us asking if we could help with their social media marketing efforts. After creating a beautifully branded social media toolkit for them, it was time to reveal it to the rest of the world.

We worked alongside them to understand their goals and produced a social media strategy that aligned with this. It became clear that their main aims were to raise awareness of the GTA and what courses they offer whilst increasing website traffic. 

We ensured a good mix of content types to continuously engage by utilising carousel posts, video animations and static graphics to achieve these goals. Each post included click-through links to the websites and call to actions. Carousel and video posts tended to focus more on specific course content, whereas the content of the static graphics ranged from testimonials to thought leadership pieces to course lists. 

As one of the main aims was to increase website traffic, we recommended GTA engage in remarketing. Once someone visits the GTA website, we consider them a “hot prospect” as they have demonstrated an interest in the services. Remarketing tags these hot prospects and delivers relevant GTA content to them on their social media platforms. This serves little reminders to your interested users and increases the likelihood of conversions as you are focusing budget on your target audience. Remarketing adverts continue to receive the most amount of clicks and engagement, suggesting that this strategy is working as intended. 

Since the beginning of the campaign, we have monitored the performance of the adverts continuously and provided GTA with recommendations to improve their efforts. From our first month of social media marketing, we saw a significant increase in website traffic associated with social media. The GTA’s social media campaign has resulted in an additional 522 average monthly visitors to their site, compared to only 83 monthly visits from social media prior to the campaign. As a percentage, social media referrals to the website from Facebook increased by 1573% and Linkedin by 183% in our first month of the campaign. Also, we have seen a 9.5% increase in Facebook following; 29% increase in Instagram following and a 34% increase in LinkedIn following. 

Working in digital marketing allows us to get into the nitty gritty of the statistics of each post, which provides insight on how to do better. At Potting Shed, we thrive on seeing our clients grow successfully and achieve their goals and we are proud of our ongoing relationship with the GTA.

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