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The Bella Group

Bella Luce Hotel

We have worked with the Bella Group in various guises over several years. So when The Bella Luce Hotel and The Bella Group itself decided to rebrand we were thrilled to be asked to design the identity and brand collateral for them.

The goal being to tie the stable of businesses together and elevate the Bella Luce brand to match its own standards of excellence.

The identity needed to convey a sense of relaxed luxury and the gate to the Bella Luce's walled gardens was taken as the icon for the brand (one that has rolled on nicely to the recently opened Bella Tea Rooms down the lane at Moulin Huet). The first roll-out of print and advertising has been extensive and no detail has been considered too small by this Small Luxury Hotel.

We look forward to many nights at the Bella Luceā€¦ purely for research purposes of course!

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